Zwartewaterland – be surprised by this undiscovered region in Overijssel.

The Hanseatic League cities of Kampen, Zwolle and Hasselt offer many energetic events and cultural treasures. Take a boat trip in the IJssel delta to other watersports places as Genemuiden and Zwartsluis. And last but not least, you find in the IJssel delta a truly National Reserve.


Look Around and Experience Hanseatic city Hasselt

Hasselt has a lot to offer, and the crown juwels have to be shown. That’s why the Touristic Information Point (TIP) Hasselt composed a programme, to give a view of the activities on Thursday in the Hanseatic City. Read more (in Dutch) on our site¬†or read the flyer from TIP.

Zwartewaterland and the Reformation

The decision of the cities in Zwartewaterland in favour of the Reformation is not only visible in many historical buildings, but has also through the ages determined the culture in these places.



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