Zurich has a unique position in Switzerland. It is the country’s largest city and home to an internationally reputed financial centre as well as being the focus of an economic region which acts as the motor of Switzerland, and along with Geneva is the most important gateway to the country.


Walking Tour of Reformation City Zurich

Zurich’s tour through Reformation-time will take you to the important places in Reformer Zwingli’s life and in those of his successors. The special flyer will help you to discover 10 of those important and fascinating places. For the flyer click here.


Tours in Zurich

Discover Zurich and the region on a tour. Your guide will explain the city’s history and provide insider tips – whether on guided walks or tours of the city, excursions to Swiss sights, or during group events. Allow yourself to be surprised.

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Discover here more about Zurich and the Reformation.



Stadt Zürich
Stadthausquai 17
Postfach, CH-8022 Zurich

Stadt Zürich
Dominik Schaub, Beauftragter für das Reformationsjubiläum
Stab Stadtpräsidentin
E dominik.schaub@zuerich.ch

Reformierte Kirche Kanton Zürich
Dr. Michael Mente
Bauftragter für das landeskirchliche Reformationsjubiläum
E michaelmente@zh.ref.ch
T+41 44 2589232

W 500 Years of Reformation in Zurich (program and events): www.zh-reformation.ch

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