In the center of Germany the city of Homberg/Efze as a Reformation city in the land of Hessen is draped around the mountains.


Homberg/Efze is first mentioned in 1231 and currently has 22 villages in its township. It has 14,000 citizens and is a small medieval city that is centrally located. In the city there are a cozy market place, small houses of trades people and the large reformation church St. Maria. Above the city there is the 800-year old castle ruin, the Hohenburg.

House of the Reformation

Here you find all information on the Reformation and the ‘Haus der Reformation Homberg (Efze) e.V.’


More on activities concerning the Reformation in Homberg (in German).

Link to a flyer with all the activities for the Reformation Year in 2017 in Homberg (in German)

Homberg and the Reformation

In 1526 the Reformed Church in St. Marien became the chosen place for the Homberger Synod to which Landgrave Philipp I of Hesse (picture), the ‘magnanimous’ had invited secular and ecclesiastical representatives. This Synod officially confirmed the decision to introduce the Reformation in Hessen from which decisive impulses came out of Homberg for the development of Hessen. In this way, for example, the introduction of a social system and development was decided for all of Hessen.



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