The city of Heidelberg is first mentioned in the year 1106. This German city is not only world-famous because of the castle ruins above the city or the River Neckar or the streets in the old city center which make history come alive, but also because of the oldest university of Heidelberg, which was founded here in 1386 and still today is a center of science.


With more than 147.000 inhabitants the former residence of German princes is today ranked as number five of the great cities of Germany. The city appeals to romantics and lovers of history, and is especially a place of religion. All over the world people connect the name Heidelberg to a small book: in 1563 the Heidelberg Catechism was published here. Elector Frederik III issued the mandate to this doctrinal book wherein the reformed way of thinking is described. Meanwhile this book has found its way over the whole world as confessional document, book for teaching, and book of prayer.

Segway City Safari in Heidelberg

A Segway Tour through the city opens up new perspectives. Acommpanied with a guide you glide along the Neckar River to the historic district Neuenheim. For more information click here.


The Tourist Guides of Heidelberg Welcome You to Their City

Heidelberg invites you to experience its city with our friendly and expert local guides. Every month and season of the year, Heidelberg presents itself from a new perspective and in literally a new light. Book or join a tour to discover the many faces of Heidelberg! Read here more.


“Beyond Borders: Roads to Europe”

The German Trafficbureau offers different routes, crossing Germany, to discover the roots of Martin Luther and the Reformation. One of these routes is route 8: “Beyond Borders: Roads to Europe”. This route investigates the upcoming Reformation in its context of Europe. Starting in Frankfurt, it also comes across Heidelberg. Here is the place where on 26 April 1518 Luther led the Heidelberg Disputation, mounting another defence of his theses. Other cities on this route are Worms, Strasbourg, Zürich and Basel. Read more here.

Combined City/Castle and Monastery Tour with a Boat Trip

You can book your combined Heidelberg City/Castle and Monastery tour with a boat trip (possible from March till October). After the City/Castle tour we can set sail on a boat from the Weisse Flote (White Fleet) to the Monastery Neuburg in just 30 minutes. There, you will also receive a tour through the whole complex of the Monastery. Duration of the tour: 3-5 hours. Here you can read more about boat trips.

Heidelberg and the Reformation

In the year 1562 Elector Frederick III ordered the publication of a Catechism. The Catechism’s purpose, on one hand, was to promote the Reformation, but, on the other, to bring an end to the different movements within the Reformation. The main author of the text is Zacharias Ursinus. In January 1563 the catechism was certified and in November was officially included in the Church Order, by which it became binding for the entire Palatinate. Today the Heidelberg Catechism, translated into more than forty languages, serves worldwide as a creed, and as book for teaching, comforting, and praying.



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