Emden is a city of water. 150 kilometers of canals course through the city. Approximately in the year 800 a small trading-post was developed into a settlement at the mouth of the Ems, which is mentioned for the first time in the year 1224.


Especially through the efforts of reformer Johannes a Lasco (1499-1560) the city of Emden in the time of the Reformation developed into an important city of Calvinism, the Geneva of the North. Presently Emden is a place of learning and science and with its 51.000 inhabitants is the largest city in Ostfriesland.

The “Emder Reformation Route”

In the middle of the 16th century the city of Emden, located at the Dollard, was not only the largest seaport in Europe and one of the most densely populated cities in the German Reich, but also an important place for the Reformation. The city of Emden now offers tourists a city walk from the Reformation to the city’s history. For more information click here. For the Flyer click here.


Short Film Emden

Emden is a Reformation city. Take a look in this beautiful city with this short film, guiding you through Emden.

Johannes a Lasco Library

In the Johannes a Lasco Library there are regular exhibitions on the history of reformed Protestantism.


Special Offer from the Ostfriesische Landesmuseum Emden

The Ostfriesische Landesmuseum Emden offers interested people of all ages a colorful palette of adventurous options. Click here to view these options.


Brochure ‘Discover Churches’ for Children and Youngsters

The city has produced a churchguide especially for children and youngsters. The confessional plurality in Emden since the Reformation time till now deserved to attended. The brochure shows on 52 pages, under the subtitle “Scavenging Emden and East Frisia”, buildings, objects and 8 different churches and one synagogue. Click here for more information.

Johannes a Lasco and the City of Emden

Johannes a Lasco married in 1540 and thereby became the first spiritual leader of Poland who broke with celibacy and for that reason had to flee to Ostfriesland. Two years later he took over the office of Superintendent and brought about many changes. But 1549 he was no longer tolerated and again had to fee. He fled to England and there took leadership of a refugee congregation with which he later again had to flee and once more landed in Emden. In the second half of the 16th century many Dutch fugitives found hospitable lodging in Emden. So the small town developed into a larger community.



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