Make historical footprints in the oldest city of that part of the Netherlands known as ‘Holland’

The historic inner city of Dordrecht lies concealed between mighty rivers. The best place to begin an exploratory trip therefore is the Groothoofd, where the rivers Oude Maas [Old Meuse], Noord and Merwede join up.



Guided City Walks

City walks are usually thought to be boring and a bit dull. Book a city walk in our region and our guides will prove the opposite! You will see numerous places of interest during your walk, such as the Hof, the Groothoofdspoort, the Stadhuis [city hall], the Grote Kerk, the Augustijnenkerk and numerous warehouses and mansions. For more information click here.

Segway Tour Dordrecht

Want to try something new and spectacular in Dordrecht? Then try the all new Segway Tour through Dordrecht. You will explore the city on a beautiful route for 2 hours on a Segway. Exercise in control is also included of course! Read more


New Exciting Museum in ‘Het Hof’

Discover the foundations of the Dutch freedom and tolerance, the roots of Calvinism in Holland and the Dutch language, and experience the water as friend and foe. Read more

Timelapse Dordrecht


National Synod 1618/19

The town also played a prominent part in the church history. In 1618 and 1619 the protestants from all over Europe settled their religious and political quarrels here. The National Synod, a marathon meeting of 180 sessions, led to important social changes. The Calvinist teaching was established and the (enlightened) Remonstrant view was overthrown. The members of the Synod took another far-reaching decision. They had the bible translated into Dutch. This, known as the ‘Statenvertaling’ [State Translation] became the basis for the language which is now written and spoken in the Netherlands.



City of Dordrecht
Spuiboulevard 300
3311GR Dordrecht

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