Surrounded by the flowing hills of Kraichgau lies the city of Bretten

Until the seventeenth century Bretten was one of the most important cities of the Kurpfalz of that time on the right side of the Rhine. The combination of historic and modern elements as well as the Middle Age ambience of the old town and the historical sights make a visit to the city with its population of 30.000 people into a memorable experience.


Melanchthon House

The Melanchthon House of Bretten is the second-largest Museum of the history of the Reformation in Germany. It contains besides the Museum a very extensive Melanchton library and is the place of the European Melanchthon Academy.


With the Guard and Night Watchman through the Medieval Bretten

Follow the watchman on his nightly rounds and experience the historic old town in a fun and special tour. The public tour for individuals takes place every first Friday of the even months. For more information click here.


Guideapp ‘Historischer Rundgang Bretten’

History, culture and coziness: explore Bretten! Discover the Melanchthon-city of Bretten with a tour through the city with your smartphone or tablet. The app, made by Leo Vogt and Gerhard Franck, is after download also usuable offline. You can get the app here.


Calendar for Reformationyear 2017

Bretten has big plans for 2017, the year of the Reformation and the 1250th birthday of Bretten! Curious? Read the (German) newsitem and get excited!

Philipp Melanchthon 1497-1560

The famous reformer Philipp Melanchthon (see picture below), who would later be the friend and forerunner of Luther, was born here in 1497. His grandfather greatly valued and good education, and so it happened that Philipp Melanchthon was taught by well-qualified teachers. Philipp Melanchthon was an excellent student and quickly went through grammar school and university. In 1518 a Greek department was opened at the University of Wittenberg, which actually was intended for (Johann) Reuchlin. But he declined and recommended his protégé Melanchthon. This is how Melanchhton came to Wittenberg, and became a good friend of Luther and prepared the way for him.



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