The Mosaic Polity

By Franciscus Junius

This treatise, appearing in English for the first time, engages the perennial question of how the laws of Moses ought to be applied to contemporary political situations. Through clear distinctions and theses, and by drawing on diverse sources ranging from Greek and Roman law to medieval Christian theology, Junius develops a method of classifying and interpreting the Mosaic laws that honors both their particular Jewish context and their universal and perpetual significance. Junius’ Mosaic Polity also reveals the interdisciplinary nature of early modern theology, law, and politics, and the influence of Junius’ treatise and method is evident in such Reformed political luminaries as Johannes Althusius and Abraham Kuyper.

Franciscus Junius (translated by Todd Rester and edited by Andrew McGinnis)
The Mosaic Polity
ISBN: 978-1-942503-10-1

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