NIV Stewardship Study Bible

Discover God's Design for Life, the Environment, Finances, Generosity, and Eternity

Through 366 Exploring Stewardship notes, profiles of individuals, notes on challenges to stewardship, quotes on stewardship from respected Christians throughout the ages, and other articles and helps, the NIV Stewardship Study Bible projects a positive picture of the privilege that we have to manage what God has given us to his glory and to the building of his kingdom.

More than just money, this Bible emphasizes stewardly responsibility in all areas of life, including relationships, creation care, money management, institutions, and caring for the poor, among other areas. It has been pulled together with the purpose of changing perceptions about what the word stewardship means—not something intended to be draining and guilt-inducing, but rather motivating, empowering and uplifting.

The NIV Stewardship Study Bible has been endorsed by Crown Ministries, Dave Ramsey, Good $ense ministries, the Barnabas Foundation, Prison Fellowship, and various other programs and ministries that seek to encourage responsible stewardship among Christians. This Bible will be a natural next step for individuals and groups who benefit from these ministries and take part in their programs.

NIV Stewardship Study Bible
1920 pages
ISBN: 978-0310948476 

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