Great Reformers

Celebrate the Legacy of the Great Reformers!

2017 is on the horizon, marking the 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation. There has never been a better time to travel with your congregation to the places where it all began! On a Reformation tour, believers’ spiritual lives are enriched in unexpected ways as they visit significant places of their faith history. Experiencing these places alongside fellow believers begins a life journey that has been a pilgrimage tradition for centuries.

There are multiple possibilities: 

- Martin Luther's Legacy: Walk with Luther on a pilgrimage across the land he loved;
- Tracing Scottish and Irish Roots of the Presbyterian Church;
- John Calvin's Life Journey: Follow in John Calvin’s footsteps on a tour through France & Switzerland;
- Baptist and Puritan History Tour of England;
- Expressions of Faith in Eastern Europe;
- Reformation Choir Tours: Give your choral ensemble the experience of a lifetime as your musical repertoires ring throughout the very churches, halls, and cathedrals for which they were composed, and together reflect on the courage and faith of the Great Reformers;
- Study Pilgrimage of Scotland: Experience the cathedrals, museums, and homes of early reformers; 

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