Birth of Freedom Curriculum DVD

Based on the popular documentary The Birth of Freedom, this seven-session DVD study, designed for use with the Birth of Freedom Participants Guide, shows the biblical roots of the concept of freedom.

You willl learn about the historical development of the concept of freedom and see how it grows out of the Judeo-Christian worldview. Secular elites have long dictated the terms of Western history. Along the way, they have convinced many that the West is free and prosperous in spite of our Christian heritage. The Birth of Freedom video curriculum provides you with an invaluable tool for countering this revision of history and better grounding your faith in the biblical vision of freedom.

Sessions include: 1. A Civilization without Slaves 2. The Quest for Political Freedom 3. The Myth of the Dark Ages 4. Pilgrims Progress 5. The Abolitionists 6. The Tale of Two Revolutions 7. Relativism vs. Religion.

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