Become a Partner

You can partner your organization with Refo500 by making an agreement with the Refo Foundation.

Partnership Benefits:

  • Access to an international and growing platform for cooperation.
  • You can work towards your own goals and use the expertise of the other partners as well.
  • Sharing knowledge, expertise, products, ideas, and much more with other partners.
  • You stay familiar with the initiatives that are developed on the platform.
  • Opportunities will arise to make fresh alliances and cooperations with new partners.
  • You can use Refo500 to advertise your products and activities on the platform.

The benefits of a partnership also depend on the activity of the partner itself on the platform.

To enjoy the benefits of partnership with Refo500 there is an annual fee. The cost of the annual feel is determined by the nature of the partnership; commercial partners contribute at a higher rate than non-commercial partners.

We would be happy to discuss the benefits of partnership with your organization and to send you a sample agreement upon your request.

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