New Issue of Unio cum Christo

Posted 11 April 2018

To overview

The international journal of reformed theology and life Unio cum Christo has its first issue of 2018 out in public, themed Currents in Reformed Theology. The Table of Contents has already been published online.

Unio cum Christo (Union with Christ) celebrates and encourages the visible union believers possess in Christ when they confess the faith of the one holy catholic and apostolic church, the body of Christ. Thus its mission is (1) to be an international scholarly and practical journal for the global Reformed community—churches, seminaries, theologians, and pastors; (2) to encourage deeper fellowship, understanding, and growth in faith, hope, and love in the Reformed community at large; and (3) to support small and isolated Reformed witnesses in minority missional situations. It will seek to do so by the publication and dissemination of scholarly contributions of a biblical, theological and practical nature by Reformed leaders world-wide—including leading theologians, developing scholars, practicing missionaries, pastors, and evangelists.

This issue contains articles and reviews of authors like Herman Selderhuis, Henri Blocher, Jim West, Paul Wells, and Peter Lillback.

You may download the previous publications including the latest Vol.3, No.2 – Calvin and the Later Reformation (October 2017) here.

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