Mobile Game: (re)format Z

Posted 25 January 2018

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It’s the year 2117: six hundred years after the rise of the Reformation, Zurich is once again being ruled by external and faces an uncertain future. Only a new Zwingli can save the city: with the mobile game (re)format Z: players can follow their historical role model and take on the role of the Reformer in the battle for a free Zurich.

From Haus zur Sul via the Prophezey to the Froschaugasse and other important sites of the Reformation in Zurich, the heroine battles her way along the stagnations of Zwingli’s life. She cunningly outwits menacing guards, leaps from one building to the next in what is left of the Old Town of Zurich, and finally emerges victorious – and, in contrast to her historical role model – does so entirely without violence. For in this game, the enemy is not annihilated, rather, just outfoxed.

The multiple award-winning Zurich-based indie game studio Blindflug knows the creative tricks needed to breathe life into the story. Their computer games make complex topics easy to understand and, at the same time, promote non-violent behaviour. For (re)format Z: theologians and historians provided expert advice to the artistic team.

(re)format Z: is a game that will captivate not just young people who love intelligent computer games but also computer-savvy adults with an interest in clever digital adventures.


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