Bach-Calov Bible Update

Posted 2 January 2018

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The Project Bach-Calov Facsimile Bible is nearing its completion. You can soon enjoy the printed edition, because it is nearly there.

70 copies have now arrived in Leeuwarden (NL) and have all been hand-numbered and packed and have been shipped to bookshops and individuals in The Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Japan, Norway, Finland and elsewhere. Five copies remain in Poland for interested customers there. Those who pre-ordered their copies who live in The Netherlands, and in Europe, should have received the facsimile before Christmas, hopefully. And otherwise between Christmas and the New Year, and certainly by the early days of 2018, depending on where you live.

In The Netherlands we are looking for a date in the second half of February to present the facsimile to the press and other interested parties. In Tokyo, Japan, our partners Kyo Bun Kwan will stage an exhibition in their offices at 4-5-1 Ginza, Chuo-Ku in the second half of January.

Official presentations in The Netherlands, in Leipzig and elsewhere will follow when the whole project is completed with the publication of the commentary volume, edited by Prof. Dr. Albert Clement. He and his fellow authors now have access to the facsimile, which of course is the ultimate tool for studying Bach’s Bible and writing their expert contributions. We hope this commentary volume will be ready before the end of 2018. But the quality of the volume is our primary aim; speed of production comes second!

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