The Global Impact of the Reformation and its Relevance for Continuing Reformation

Posted 4 January 2017

To overview

To commemorate the 500 years of the global impact of the Reformation, World Reformed Fellowship is arranging a Refo500 event in the Luther Hotel in Wittenberg from the 25th – the 30th of October 2017.

Five hundred years ago God started a movement that clearly impacted the world. Christians around the globe who are full of gratitude to God for the core of his Gospel and the availability of the Bible in their language will be celebrating what God started through Martin Luther.

What can we expect of this impact in the future? Are we to continue Reformation? How we should apply the semper reformanda principle in our own century?

Besides celebrating the past, the conference will also prayerfully consider the relevance of the Reformation of 500 years ago for ongoing reformation that will be needed until the day that Jesus returns to finally wipe all the tears from our eyes. How can we provide signs of hope of his final redemption through continuing Reformation?


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